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We hope you are having a lovely summer holiday break.

Tuesday 09.06.20

Phonics - Book Making

Print Jack and the Beanstalk pdf.

Read and sequence the pages, which are then fastened together. The children then re-read the story.

Can they find any ar words in the story?

harp started hard sharp farm market




Game – ar Fishing

Print the ar flashcards. Place a paperclip on each ar flashcard. Use a magnet tied to a string, ideally passed through a straw to create a fishing rod. Children take turns to fish and read. They write down their catch.




Sentence Writing & Yes/No Questions

Print the Sentence Writing template and Yes/No Questions.

Use hard sharp car card star soon broom moon to write the following sentences.

Some card is hard and sharp.

We went there in the car.

Soon we will see the moon.

Brush with a little broom.

Ask your child to draw a picture for each sentence.


Yes/No Questions

Read each question and answer yes or no. 



Please refer to Mouse's Adventures - Talk for Writing Project

(On main learning at home page)

Maths - The Princess and the Wizard


We hope you are having a lovely summer holiday break.