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Tuesday 09.02.21

English: Page 17, 20 + 21
First, you will need to read page 17, and then skip pages 18 and 19. You will be experimenting with the text a little more and changing the setting of the story. Think; where else could something like this happen? What might be an engaging and interesting setting for your story? You will need to box it up and write today. Be creative, and have fun with your stories.

We get a little bit more difficult with our maths today, in which we will be ordering fractions. Some of these sequences involve adding and subtracting basic fractions. An explanation of this is shown below.
1/3 + 1/3 = 2/3



Today is Safer Internet Day! Keeping safe on the internet is something that we need to be thinking about when we are using computers, there is a short quiz to complete along with another task.