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KS2 Summer Concert : Tuesday 19.07.2022 (18:00 -19:00) Queen's College

Tuesday 07.07.20



‘Gathering ideas – innovation’ page 19. You have done some fantastic unicorn research so far. Well done. I think you are ready to help Professor Dame Folklore write another page for her book ‘Unicorns Uncovered’. The ‘Introduction’ is also intact, and it lists the following chapters: 10. Storm Unicorn 11. Frost Unicorn 12. Rainbow Unicorn 13. Fire Unicorn 14. *Unreadable entry* 15. Mountain Unicorn 16. *Unreadable entry*


You could write about one of the unicorns from the missing chapters or make up your own unicorn.

What is your unicorn called?  Think about its body, mane, horn and tail.  You could also think about its special features and magical powers.  Draw and label your unicorn below.  Unicorns can be hard to draw unicorns so there is an outline provided to help you.  If you don’t want to use this, draw it on separate paper.




Watch the White Rose video for today's lesson then complete the activities, either on the sheet, if you are able to print, or record your answers in your workbook.



Remember to choose an activity from the Topic web.



KS2 Summer Concert : Tuesday 19.07.2022 (18:00 -19:00) Queen's College