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Exploring photography with everyday items.


In this lesson, we will be using some common everyday items to manipulate our photographs. This lesson includes some physical activity and equipment beyond pen, paper or pencil. Please make sure your child is adequately supervised.


You will need:  

Sketchbook or paper, pencil, camera or device with a camera, sandwich bags/clingfilm, mirror/shiny surface, torch/smartphone and a colander/cheese grater.



- Drawing warm up. Find something that you want to draw. Draw it without looking at your sketchbook. 

- Take a picture using a sandwich bag. 

- Take a picture using a shiny surface.

- Take a picture using a light source and a colander/cheese grater.

- For the editing image activity, it will depend on what device you have used. 

- Complete the reflection on your photographs you have taken.


Click on the link below to begin the video.