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How are different sounds produced?


In today's lesson, we will be learning all about different sounds made by instruments and then making our own! Begin by completing the quiz to see what you can remember from last week, then click the continue button to begin the video for today. You will need some equipment for this if you want to complete the experiment at home, please ask your adults to help with this and with the experiment if you choose to complete it. If you don't have the equipment, then you can watch the experiment on the video. 

Equipment list - lolly sticks or something similar, cardboard box, scissors, elastic bands, cardboard tubing and tape.  



- What three ways can sound be created? Record your answers in your workbook.

- Decide which images and which sounds have a low or high pitch and which sound is louder in volume.

- Write out the method to explain how to make your own guitar. Include - an equipment list, method (step by step instructions explaining what to do)

There is a word bank to help with your writing, we expect your write up to be a little different to the teacher's write up. 


Click on the link below to begin the video.