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We hope you are having a lovely summer holiday break.


Food Technology - D&T

LO: I can use my plan to make my own pizza.


Last week, you planned your perfect pizza. This week you are going to make your pizza.  Please make sure you ask for some help when using the oven or sharp knives.


Your first task will be to weigh all the ingredients for the pizza dough, then mix and knead it all together.  This will need to be left for a couple of hours to 'prove' or rise. this is when the yeast reacts, creating carbon dioxide gas bubbles, causing the dough to become larger in volume.


When the dough has risen, you can begin to create your pizza.


Below are 2 recipes, one using yeast, one without. Choose whichever recipe matches the ingredients you have.   You can, of course, use a different recipe you may have at home!

Whilst you are waiting for your dough to prove, you can complete your other home learning tasks for today and then begin to prepare your toppings ready to make your delicious pizza.


Please remember to take photos of you making your pizza and your finished creation to email to us!

These might also be useful next week when we evaluate our pizzas.


We hope you are having a lovely summer holiday break.