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As we know how many of you love the PE lessons in school we thought, it is time for some exercise! It’s so important to keep fit and active when we are stuck at home. Using this link  (I have attached it below) follow the instructions on the three videos or as many as you can manage.


Video 1 – Spell it fitness. For each letter of your name, perform the exercise you see for 15 seconds. When you are done, why not try the name of someone else in your family.


Video 2 –  Draw it fitness. You will need a set of cards labelled 1 – 13 for this activity. If you don’t have any then please don’t worry, you can randomly pick whichever number you would like to do or make some cards from plain paper. Pick a number card and perform the exercise it shows.


Video 3 – Choose it fitness. You will need a dice for this activity. Again don’t worry if you don’t have one, you can randomly pick a number of use the cards 1 – 6 if you made them for the previous activity. Roll your dice and copy the exercise the number suggests.


Remember to only do what you can. If an exercise is too tricky you can change it for another one and you can always do a mini warm up before getting started.