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Happy New Year Everyone




In this session you will learn all about where everyday electrical appliances get their power from. Read through the PowerPoint to get some more information. On slide 4 you will find your first task. Write your date and LO on your page and then you can begin. TASK 1: Look at the sheet labelled ‘Appliance cards.’ Sort these into those which use electricity and those that don’t. Divide your workbook page in two or draw a table and them ‘Uses electricity’ and ‘Doesn’t use electricity.’ Then write the appliance names in the table.


Next, continue reading the information on the PowerPoint. On slide 11 you will find your second task. TASK 2: Mains or battery? Using the appliance cards from before, can you group the appliances into those that use battery power, mains power, both or neither. There is also an extension at the bottom of the page. You can draw the Venn diagram into your workbook.


Extra work: If you would like to learn a little more about electricity and how to stay safe, then look at slide 12. If you click on the house it will bring you to a website where you can investigate electrical safety. Here is the link if you can’t get the house to work.


Happy New Year Everyone