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Welcome to back everyone, and a big hello to all the new children who joined us in September.

Thursday WBD 04.03.21


As per our timetable, we will be sharing the story of 'Alice in Wonderland' in our morning zoom, and you will need to bring your creations that you make in DT along to our zoom call this afternoon please. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Warm up: is full of amazing English tasks, scroll down to find the one by Guy Bass (it is in the column on the right). This will be our warm up for some of the work we will be completing today and challenges you to create a key for an imaginary world.


Your English task today is to plan and write a character description on the Mad Hatter! Fill out the character description planning grid to help you get all your ideas down, then you can start to put these into sentences to create your detailed character description. Remember to intrigue your reader by using amazing adjectives, vivid verbs and maybe some of the sentences we have looked at this year to uplevel your work. Don't be afraid to make up some details if you are struggling to find enough to say about the character, but bear in mind what we know about him from the book.

Note: There is the a PowerPoint going over the story attached below if you need a reminder.


For your maths task today we have some questions that are inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Pick at least one question and have a go, there are a range of difficulties and there is an answer sheet at the end for when you are done. Mr Chislett's favourite is the '8 Queens' challenge, all you chess players will love this one!


Your DT task to complete this afternoon is to design and make a Mad Hatters Hat! We would love some really creative designs and we can't wait to see them later during our afternoon zoom at 3:00pm!


Welcome to back everyone, and a big hello to all the new children who joined us in September.