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Thursday 4th February

Phonics - Phase 3 Letters and Sounds


Objective: To practise reading, writing and applying the Phase 3 sound 'short oo'.


Please click on the link below for your lesson. You will need paper and a pencil or whiteboard and pen.

Now have a look at the games on the Phonics Play website. Information about this is on the previous page - Phonics Play star.

Username name: jan21, P/W: home


  • Please look at Phase 3 games. 
  • Please choose the Phase 3 sound that you have just learnt when loading a game.
  • Also please practise Phase 3 High Frequency Words by playing 'Tricky Trucks'. 
  • As an extension have a go at writing some of the sounds, words and sentences that you have read from the games.


Phonics extension

- We are learning to spell two syllable words.

- Practise GPCs s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss, j, v, w, x, y, z, qu, sh, ch, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er

- Look at an alphabet chart and practise the names of letters.

- Spell two syllable words. Spell a two syllable word on their whiteboards. Chicken, tonight, boatman, rooftop, farmyard, market, lightning, bedroom Rocket Rescue, Space Race.

- Write questions and answer Yes or No:

Can we get wool from sheep?

Will six cows fit in a car?

Can a chicken sit on a chair?

Can a goat quack?

Can sheep bark?

Can a farmer keep a duck?

Will a cat get a rat in a barn?

Can you cook in a bedroom?

Will lightning hit a church?

Literacy - The Giant Turnip


Objective: To listen and join in with a story


In our first lesson of this unit, we will listen to and join in with the story of 'The Giant Turnip'.

Please click on the link below for your lesson. Then click on the start lesson button. 


Mathematics - Shape and Pattern


Objective: Describing 3D shapes


In this lesson, we will look closely at the properties of 3D shapes and talk about them, using new language to describe them. You will need a tin, a cereal box, a ball, a cone and a round piece of fruit or vegetable.

Please click on the link below to start the lesson.

Understanding the World - Climate Change


Objective: To understand the issue of global warming on the polar habitat


In today's lesson, we join Miss Sidenius in learning about the impact of global warming on the polar habitat. We focus on the impact that this will have on the wildlife and carry out an ice experiment to demonstrate the changes occurring due to global warming. You will need a plastic container and ice.

Please click on the link below to start the lesson.