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Thursday 2nd April

I hope you all survived April Fool's Day without too much trauma.  There were some marvellous accounts of its origin ranging from the strictly factual to PiggyPizza's lurid and hopefully fictitious account featuring maggots and pirates.  AwesomePineapple's awesome work includes a link to this BBC classic April Fool -- well worth a watch.  


Big congratulations to itsyourboybob, Footballfanatic445 and RashersofBacon who all managed to crack the Eight Queens puzzle.  As I warned in the initial post, the Eight Queens puzzle is incredibly difficult although the Seven puzzle is also very tough (although not tough enough to stop ShadowNinja of course).


We are also bowled over by the variety in your 500 words stories -- we've had a terrifying horror story, a hilarious parody of chosen one horror stories, a tense mystery with a sci-fi twist and more... Keep them coming in so we can make sure they are entered!






'If you could have any fictional character as your best friend, who would you choose and why? What could you do together?' 


Mrs Rust says: I would choose to spend time with Captain Jack Sparrow.  I think that hanging out with this trickster would be so much fun!  His weird, funny and quirky character has always attracted me: I'd love to be his best friend! Jack would be a constant source of entertainment as we find ourselves getting involved in all sorts of mishaps and adventures.  I'd be constantly giggling as I help him to escape the constant battles and strife that he seems to create.  Who else could offer me so many adventures and entertainment whilst soaking up the sunshine on the Caribbean Seas?  Life would certainly not be dull with him by my side. 




For anyone who was stumped on the Ratio Problem Solving questions this week, there is a video (link) to go through some of the questions people found difficult.  You can skip to the questions that you wanted help on.

Question 1: 1:27
Question 3: 3:37
Question 4: 9:00
Question 5: 10:37
Question 6: 13:57
Question 7: 17:20
Question 8: 19:48

Today's Lesson 4/Step 2 involves angles revision:


If you want an extra challenge, check out the Year 7 work this week which actually revises a lot of Year 6 material.




How is your Moon journal going?  This week we've seen a crescent moon.  When the Moon is going from a New Moon (where the side that faces the Earth is in shadow) to a full moon, it is called waxing -- waxing is an old-fashioned word for 'getting bigger'.  This is a waxing crescent moon because each night it gets a little bit bigger.


However, today's science links to light.  For this experiment, it's helpful if you have a transparent plastic bottle (we mentioned last week it's worth keeping one aside) but there are lots of other ways to do this.  You might even have noticed this effect in the bath.  Have a go at using water to create your own magnifying glass.  Can you explain what is happening to the light?



Tuesday 21st June Reception Sports Day, Wednesday 22nd June Yrs 1&2 Sports Day, Thursday 23rd June Yrs 3&4 Sports Day, Friday 24th June Yrs 1&2 Sports Day