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KS2 Summer Concert : Tuesday 19.07.2022 (18:00 -19:00) Queen's College

Thursday 26th March




Happy Thursday everyone! 




As promised, today is the day to finalise your 500 word story.


Once you’re finished, if you email us your work, we will email it to someone else in the class to edit at the beginning of next week and send you someone else’s work to edit.


In fact, some people are already way ahead – MegaMonkey’s short story is absolutely amazing and F1fan22 sent in a brilliant walking to school story.  We’ll share some next week.


So if you’ve already finished and are happy with your story, enjoy the time to practise spellings, read and gain even more ideas!

PS.  We have also put the mark schemes for the reading and grammar papers from your packs on the website.  There is no rush to do these – they are useful activities for if one day you can’t access the web.




Have a look at the video Calculating Ratio and try the questions.


If you want an extra challenge, did you notice that there are Year 7 and even Year 8 challenges on the link above which are mostly revision of Year 6 concepts we’ve covered?  Give it a look…


Oh, and the rock battle is off to a fierce start.  Already some incredible scores and the lead has gone back and forth between Falcons and Kestrels across the day.  Particularly pleased to see SlowSloth60 piling in. 




NB. If you are using an iPad, ask your carer’s permission to download the TinkerCAD app.


If you were in on Thursday and Friday, you should have the details to access your TinkerCAD account (if not, contact the school and we will forward the details).  Log in, enter your class code and your username.  This week, your objective is to create a snowman.  You could, for example, use two spheres on top of the other and a cone for a nose.  Can you add eyes or even a scarf?


A good user guide is here:


If you can’t access TinkerCAD, on paper plan out a 3D model that you could make out of basic shapes.  How could you make a duck, a tree or a dolphin out of 3D shapes such as cuboids, spheres etc.?  Try and draw what it would look like and figure out which shapes you would need.


It’s great to see some people experimenting already – some interesting experiments from Wolfpool and very cool-looking designs from AwesomePineapple and ApplePhoenix7.  Remember that, to be steady, you should have a strong base at the bottom – otherwise your model could fall to bits before it’s finished being printed!



PS.  This collection of videos was really interesting – and one features our old friend the Japanese spider-crab!



KS2 Summer Concert : Tuesday 19.07.2022 (18:00 -19:00) Queen's College