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Thursday- 21.01.21

To start us off today there is a quick fire reading quiz to do. Once you have done this today’s English task will look at weasel words, special words that can make our writing seem even more persuasive. There is a ‘fill the gaps activity’ that is a bit like mad libs, as you will be writing these pieces to sound positive, as well as negative. Please don’t go onto weasel phrases, that is work for tomorrow!

We are taking the maths a bit slower and making sure we get a really solid understanding of multiplying 2 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers. There is a worksheet which slowly builds up the difficulty of the question as you go, and there is also a sheet for those of you that want a little extra challenge if you found yesterday straightforward. The challenge sheet is the orange one! Once you are done, there is an answers sheet attached below the pictures.

Guided Reading: