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Happy New Year Everyone

Thursday 16.07.20



Please use the games on Phonics Play this week and have fun!

For the time being the site continues to be free.

Sign in as follows:

Username: march20
Password: home


Please focus on Phase 4. If you find this a bit tricky go on Phase 3. If you would like a bit more of a challenge go onto Phase 5 as this is Year 1 level.



Read 'Talk Like a Pirate - Pirate School' PowerPoint.

Then create your own 'Pirate Wanted Poster'. 

Extension activity - Imagine you are stranded on a desert island. You need to send a message to someone to help you. The only way to send your message is to put it in a bottle and let it float in the sea until someone finds it. 

What would you write on your message?

Use the bottle writing frame below to write your message if you wish. 

Maths - Pirate Number Bonds to 10

Pirate Activities


Today we are dressing up as pirates. This can just be a pair of shorts and a stripy t-shirt. Also use the hat, map, telescope and other accessories that you have made this week.

We are then going to do a pirate dance. Use the link below to follow the dance or make up your own dance. 

Just Dance Kids 2014 A Pirate You Shall Be

Family Friendly Gaming ( is pleased to share this game play video for Just Dance Kids 2014. Want to support Family Frien...


Happy New Year Everyone