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Thursday 14th May


The last one!  And it's only 40 minutes too. 


Hooray!  Now you can celebrate completing your tests...


Here is the link for you to mark your test papers and see how well you did:



BBC Own It is filled with information to know and share!  It has top tips for staying connected, how to stay safe online, even how to go to bed at a bedtime!  Your job is to write an article that could go on an advice site like this.  It could be:

1.  How to keep the peace with your siblings at home -- even when they really get on your nerves!!

2.  How to keep your room tidy -- the five neatness tips every 10-year-old must know.

3.  How to keep you and your family safe online!




If you were working on a magazine last week, this is your chance to finalise it.  Do you need to create a logo and cover on Pixlr?  Do you need to EDIT your articles by proofreading carefully?  Do you have pictures with captions?  Do you have all the feature articles you need/want?  Once you're ready, please send them in.  We'll publish them separately and we'll also try to collate some of the best articles if we can...

'Love is...' by Chocolatelover