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Monday 23rd to Friday 27th May - Art/History Week at Parkfield School

Thursday 11th February


Today is our final day on length and perimeter. Yesterday, we looked at how to measure the perimeter of shapes. Today, we're going to practise calculating the perimeter of a shape when we don't know the lengths of all the sides. We'll need to use our knowledge of rectangles and squares to complete this work.


Watch the White Rose video below and then have a go at the questions on the worksheet. 


Challenge: Complete one of the Problem Solving and Reasoning sheets!


This week, we will be recapping some of the spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) that we learn in Year 3.


Today, we are looking at punctuating sentences correctly. The sentences will include our learning from this week too.

You can complete the activity on the sheet or in your blended learning booklets. 


Safety Week - Looking after ourselves

This week is Safety Week and each day we will be looking at a different aspect of safety and how to keep ourselves safe.

As last week was Place2Be's Children's Mental Health Week, we are going to learn more about how to look after our own mental well-being and mental health, even though it can sometimes be tricky talking about it.


You can go through the Express Yourself PowerPoint or watch the Virtual Assembly to learn more about why it is important to look after your own mental well being. 

Using the I express myself through... link for inspiration, do something to express yourself!


It could be dancing, drawing, painting, animating, talking, writing, walking, cycling... Anything that makes you happy. Anything that makes you, you!


You can take a photo and send it to your teacher via the email address. Have fun expressing yourself smiley


Monday 23rd to Friday 27th May - Art/History Week at Parkfield School