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Thursday 04.06.20


Our focus today is 'setting'.  Look closely at the image on slide 3, what does it show? Why has the author shown the setting in this way? What verbs would you use? How are the family moving? Why?  Jot down your ideas about these questions in your workbook. 


Now look at slide 4. Again respond to the questions on the slide in your workbook.

Study the setting description on slide 5. Can you spot personification, description of the flat, description of how they move through the setting, description of sounds/smells?


Now use this model to write your own setting description of the train station on slide 6.



We are going to have another go at some different maths investigations today. 

As yesterday, have a look at both the activities and choose the one that suits you.  If you are feeling very enthusiastic, you could complete them both!