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Happy New Year Everyone

Thursday 04.03.2021



To continue our fun, our chosen book across the school is 'Alice in Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll.  Feel free to join our Zoom meetings today dressed as your favourite book character or maybe wearing a novelty hat ...


Choose at least two activities from below to complete:


Design an invitation to the Mad Hatter's tea party;

Make a sandwich which would be fit for the Queen of Hearts;

Design a teapot to use at the party;

Make a shrinking potion listing all the ingredients;

Design a hat for the Mad Hatter;

Make a mask of the Cheshire Cat;

Make stick puppets to re-enact the story;

Complete the sequencing activity (in the documents);

Go through the character profile and comprehension questions (in the documents).


In this lesson, you will be looking at measuring objects with non-standard measures.  This might include blocks, shoes, paper clips etc.  You will need to know that whatever measure you use will have to the exactly the same and next to each other.

To make the problem matter in a story (Part 2)

In this session we will explore how a writer can make the problem of fairness clear when reading as a writer. We will read about the part of the story where Jack takes his father's harp back from the giant and nearly gets caught.

In this section, you will be looking at everything you have learnt over the past eight sessions.  You will be answering questions about weather and the seasons.


Happy New Year Everyone