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Thursday 02.04.20


Welcome to your home learning for today Year 4. Our focus for today is reading and comprehension skills. Please choose you level of difficulty, one star is the easiest and three stars is the most challenging of the tasks. Write your answers in your workbook. I have attached the answers but please don’t look at them until you have completed your work first.


LO: I can calculate fractions of a quantity. Eg 1/4 of 16 is 4

Even more funky Fractions!! Please work through the PowerPoint, answering any questions in your workbook.  

Then complete the questions on the handout - this can be done into your workbook, copying tables and diagrams as needed, or if you are able, you can print the required page to complete and glue/staple/tape to you book.  The first sheet gives the easiest challenge, the second is Expected level and the third Greater Depth. Choose your challenge! Remember you can do more than one of the levels if you wish.  If, after you have marked against the answers, you are finding it tricky, email us and we will send you some extra practise or check out the 'Maths Support' star where I will add some extra support.

Topic - Facts about Venice

Your task today is to create a fascinating fact sheet all about Venice.

Try to make your facts as interesting, as funny and as fascinating as possible. Please include pictures or photos if you wish.

The most amazing fact will win a prize!

Have fun!