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Tasks for Wednesday 13th May



Quick Task 1:
Go to
Log in to the subscription area.

  • Username: march20
  • Password: home

Go to Teachers, then select interactive resources and select Phase 5. Select the 'Dragons Den' Game. Please go to Phase 5 and play with the 'ue' sound as in 'come to the rescue'.
If you would like to practice the 'ue' sound more play 'Buried Treasure' and 'Picnic on Pluto'.
Quick Task 2: You need to stay on phonics play 
Go back to Teachers, then select interactive resources and select Phase 5. Then please select 'Tricky Word Trucks' and please practice Phase 5a Tricky words.


Task 3: 
Please continue working through the tasks for the two week project on 'Jane Pippety'.



Today we are continuing our fractions unit.
Today we would like you to:

  • Go to
  • Select 'Summer Term - Week 2- Lesson 2 'Find a quarter' and watch the short video.
  • Then complete the worksheet below. You do not need to print this. You can just write your answers in your home learning book. eg. where it tells you to tick the answer you would just write the object that you would have ticked.
  • Have a go at the reasoning and problem solving questions.





We’re sure you’ve been enjoying lots of different PE activities already at home. Today can you practise your throwing and catching skills? Maybe you can keep count of how many times you can throw /catch without dropping it.