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Tasks for Tuesday 19th May



Quick Task 1: Complete 3 lines of your handwriting book. 
Quick Task 2: You need to go to and log in to the subscription area.

  • Username: march20
  • Password: home

Go to Teachers, then select interactive resources and select Phase 5. Then please select 'Flashcard time challenge' and select level 'Phases 3 & 5a'


Task 3:

1. Re-read the Superheroes story (below).

2. Open the comprehension sheet and answer the questions about a story. Read the questions carefully and remember to write your answers in your neatest handwriting. You only need to write the answers and not the questions.

3. We are going to practise extending sentences with because. Pick your favourite superhero from the story. Draw the superhero in your home learning book and then write a sentence explaining why you have chosen them.

  • Use the word 'because' to explain your choice.
  • e.g. I think the plumber superhero is the best because he can stop floods and help people.
  • Challenge yourself to write as many sentences as you can about your favourite superhero.


Challenge: Can you memorise how to spell the word because using 'the Batman’s Guide to Spelling Because' to help. This will help in Year 2!!



We are continuing with our revision of addition and subtraction.

Today we would like you to:

  • Go to
  • Select 'Summer Term - Week 3- Lesson 2 'Fact Families' and watch the short video.
  • Then complete the worksheet below. You do not need to print this. You can just write your answers in your home learning book. eg. where it tells you to tick the answer you would just write the object that you would have ticked.




This week we are going to learn about the British artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Please go through the PowerPoint below to learn more about him. Andy uses materials in nature to make what he calls ‘land art’. We have attached some ‘Land Art Challenge Cards’ and would love you to choose 2 challenges to complete.

Make sure to take pictures over time to see if/how your land art changes.