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Have a lovely summer break everyone. We are looking forward to seeing you all in September.

Tasks for Thursday 21st May



Quick Task 1: Complete 3 lines of your handwriting book. 
Quick Task 2: You need to go to and log in to the subscription area.

  • Username: march20
  • Password: home

Go to Teachers, then select interactive resources and select Phase 5. Then please select 'Flashcard time challenge' and select level 'Phases 3 & 5a'


Task 3:

Yesterday we created our own Superhero. Today we are going to invent our own super-villain.

1. Go back to and listen again to some of the Superhero ABC. 

2. Look at the page showing the superhero Laughing Lass.

  • Who is the enemy she saves the world from?
  • Repeat for Mr Quick, Rain Man and Volcano: who are their enemies? 

3. Think about whether you know the names of any other superheroes’ special enemies? (Lex Luthor for Superman, the Green Goblin for Spider Man, etc.) We call these super-villains

4. Look at the example 'Super-Villains: The Joker' pdf (below) for Batman’s big enemy.

  • Read the powerful words used to describe the Joker, his clothes and where he is based.
  • Can you suggest some other words to describe him? 

5. Using the headings in the 'Super-villains template' (below) in your home learning book can you invent your own super-villain and describe it. Ensure you include information for each subheading on the template.



We are continuing with our revision of addition and subtraction.
Today we would like you to:
1. Go to
2. Select 'Summer Term - Week 3- Lesson 4 'Add more and count on within 20' and watch the short video.
3. Then complete the worksheet below. You do not need to print this. You can just write your answers in your home learning book. eg. where it tells you to tick the answer you would just write the object that you would have ticked.
After we would like you to play some games to practise adding. Try some of these 



Have a go at these games with your family. We hope you win!



Have a lovely summer break everyone. We are looking forward to seeing you all in September.