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KS2 Summer Concert : Tuesday 19.07.2022 (18:00 -19:00) Queen's College

Learning at home 2019-20

Welcome back after your half term break. We hope you are all staying safe and well! smiley


If you need to contact us or have any questions, remember you can send us an email via our class email addresses.


Skylark -

Starling -


We do love seeing all the hard work you have been doing and celebrating it on the Homework Share page too.


Summer Term Second Half


Welcome back Year 3. We hope you have had a fantastic half term holiday and enjoyed the fabulous weather we have been lucky enough to have. I’m sure you are feeling refreshed and ready for the next half term of online learning, I know we can’t wait to see some more of the wonderful work you complete at home.


Daily English and Maths activities can be found in the daily stars as normal. We have set weekly work for the other subjects a little differently this half term. You will find attached a new topic menu for the next two weeks. There are nine activities in total and it is up to you as to how many and when you complete these activities. Don’t forget to send in your end result photographs so we can share them through the school website.


Extra weekly work to complete:

You will also find an activity passport for you to work through. Choose one activity a week to complete. This counts as one of the nine activities.

Remember to practise your spellings, multiplication tables and read daily.

Happy Half Term everyone!


I'm sure you have all worked really hard with your online learning - well done!


However, if you would like to keep those brain cells ticking along, please do have a look at some of these activities.


We also have included a competition for you to create a piece of art inspired by nature - let your imagination run WILD!

There are two categories to choose from this year - REAL LIFE and GO WILD.  Send your entries to with the heading WildArt 2020 Competition, and don't forget to state your age and category selection.  The closing date for entries is Friday 28th August 2020.

Welcome to week 5 - the week approaching half term!  


It has been fabulous to see all your fantastic work!  You all look as though you are enjoying the freedom to explore your creative side. laugh


Keep sending in your photographs and documents.  It really is heart-warming and makes us smile! laugh


Don't forget Mr Jones' Challenge for this week to send in a 10-second clip or a letter for the residents of St George's Residential Home.

Welcome to week 4 of the summer term! laugh


If you are finding the work too challenging, have a look at the resources from previous years instead.  This should help to build your confidence! laugh


Please look at the Design a Book Token website to create a National Book Token.

Whether it's the school crest doodled in ink, a pencil drawing of the entire class, or something completely different, we'll choose one child's design to put on a National Book Tokens gift card every week for seven weeks. 
When schools open up again, the young designer and their classmates will each receive a £10 National Book Token – emblazoned with the winning artwork – to inspire them to choose their next favourite book from their local bookshop.

Welcome to week 3 of the summer term.


This week, we will be calling you all again to see how you are.  We love that you are keeping in contact using the emails and sending through your work.  Keep it up!  laugh 


In addition to your Maths, English and Topic, please keep in mind the Art Competition - Go Create.  The second part, developing, is in the Go Create Star.  The closing date for this is 17th July.

A message from Madame Ferguson ...


Bonjour la classe,

Ça va? How are you?

I hope you are keeping your French up.  I have now posted a little library of French songs and clips for you to enjoy on the Parkfield website.  Each one has a learning point and we will be doing some learning linked to these clips in the future.

Here are the instructions to get to these clips:

Bon courage,

Madame Ferguson

Welcome back from your Easter Holidays!  smiley


We really hope you enjoyed the fabulous weather.  We have added some exciting tasks for you including a new two-week English unit about Trolls along with some Rights Respecting Schools activities.


Please send in photographs of your work to your new class email addresses:


Skylark -

Starling -


We would love to see all the hard work you have been doing and celebrate it by including it on the Homework Share page.

It has been wonderful to speak with you over the past few days and to be reassured that you are safe, happy and well! laugh


Please keep on sending through your work to publish on this page under the Homework Share star.


In addition to your Maths, English and Topic, there is an Art Competition - Go Create - which is an exciting project for those of you who want to be more creative!  The closing date for this is 17th July.

Home learning cross curricular links


KS2 Summer Concert : Tuesday 19.07.2022 (18:00 -19:00) Queen's College