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Mrs Wolfe's Group

Today we are learning to read tricky words. Go through the PowerPoint below to learn the tricky words water, where, who, again, thought, through and work.

Writing sentences:

Next, please read and write the following sentences:

Who thought they saw a mouse swimming through the water again?

Where do you work?

Where is the little mouse who likes to splash?


After you have finished reading and writing the sentences please log into phonics play using the log in details:

username: jan21

password: home

We would like you to play Tricky Trucks and Acorn Adventures today. Follow the instructions below for support in navigating the website and selecting the right phase sounds.


Tricky Trucks:

Select resources on the top bar, then select the game Tricky Trucks and select phase 5b tricky words. You are now ready to play. J

Acorn Adventures:

Select resources on the top bar, select Acorn Adventures, press start and select any of the graphemes we have learnt this week (ow, ie, ea, er). You are now ready to play. J