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Happy New Year Everyone

Mrs Knutt's and Miss White's Group

We are learning to explore alternative pronunciation of the y grapheme (pyramid). Watch the video below to learn the grapheme y. You will be practising sounds you already know, reading words and practising writing words with the y sound in, so make sure you have a pencil and some paper ready J.

After you have watched the video please open the PowerPoint below to sort words into lists by the way the y grapheme is pronounced.

Next, please log into phonics play using the log in details:

username: jan21

password: home

We would like you to play Tricky Trucks today. Follow the instructions below for support in navigating the website and selecting the right phase sounds.


Tricky Trucks:

Select resources on the top bar, then select the game Tricky Trucks and select phase 5b tricky words. You are now ready to play. J


Writing sentences:

For your final task please read and write the following sentences:

I will fly to the top of the pyramids.

He went to Egypt to find a crystal.

They thought they saw a cygnet in the pond.


Happy New Year Everyone