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Monday 8th February


Today, we are going to practise adding lengths together. We will need to be secure in our knowledge of converting between mm, cm and m in order to answer these questions. 

Remember: 10mm = 1cm, 100cm = 1m


Watch the White Rose video on adding lengths and then have a go at the questions on the worksheet below.


Challenge: If you feel confident adding lengths, try answering some of the extra fluency questions below!


This week, we will be recapping some of the spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) that we learn in Year 3.


Today, we are delving deeper into adverbs.

Go through the PowerPoint to remind yourself of the different kinds of adverbs, then complete the activity either on the sheet or in your blended learning booklets.

Safety Week - Road Safety

This week is Safety Week and each day we will be looking at a different aspect of safety and how to keep ourselves safe.

Today, we are looking at Road Safety. Watch the video on the Somerset Road Safety link, then go through the PowerPoint to learn more about your task of designing a bicycle helmet.