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Monday 4th May

May the fourth be with you!  (Well, there's a reason they call it Star Wars Day!).




You have a choice for the next fortnight.

Either you can follow one of the Talk for Writing activity workbooks below.  If so, stop reading now and click the links below!  This project will last you for two weeks:


Or you can help collaborate on a project to create your very own magazine to share with the school community.  Who knows, if we have enough awesome articles, we could even collate them together to form an ultimate magazine to go out with the Parkfield Press.


Step 1:

Grammar Starter: Make sure the following sentences have correct spelling, punctuation and grammar:

the soljer orderd a diet coke a regular coke a lime and lemonade and an orange juice.

what a nusance said mr reynolds ive damadged my sholder

mrs rust siyed i wish i was able to go out


Main Task:


Your task today is to create a mind map for the kinds of articles you see in magazines.  It might help to answer these questions as you go:


1. Do you have any comics or magazines around the house that you can look at to get ideas?  

2. What sort of magazine should we make?  

3. What should the title be?

4. Who is your audience?  Most magazines have someone in mind as an audience. Is it for pre-teen girls or 10-year-old boys; for toddlers or horse-lovers or parents?  You could make an educational magazine or an all-ages comic magazine.

5. What will the “features” be - the main articles that make the magazine worth buying?  

6. Can you think of at least 5 intriguing titles that might ‘sell’ our magazine? e.g. The secret life of sloths? (Yes, SlowSloth60, this one’s for you?)  Five ways to survive lockdown (number 4 is incredible!)? 

7. What about interviews — a parent, a sister, a teacher, a relative over the internet?  Or you could create an interview with a cat or teddy or imaginary friend.

8. What about book reviews, TV reviews, game reviews, recipes, travel reviews?

9. Do you know what a horoscope is — and could you practise writing one?

10. What about a poetry corner, a crossword puzzle, a cartoon page, a jokes’ page, a letters column?

11.  Will you have a story or comic strip as part of it?

12. Will you work alone or will you collaborate over the Internet?


Then you will need to think about HOW you will assemble your magazine?  Do you have access to a word processor or even Publisher, or will you hand-make this magazine?  Will you use your Pixlr wisdom to design your covers -- what about a logo?


There’s an online edition of the Lego Magazine as an example but let us know if you have a favourite magazine we can share online.  See how many you can find!




The next few weeks will be dedicated to revising some key parts of the curriculum ready for next year.  


Here's an old favourite -- simplifying fractions.


If you zoom through these in less than 10 minutes and you have checked and your answers are accurate, this week's year 7 work also revises material you will be familiar with and is terrific practice.




This Friday there is a Bank Holiday to celebrate Victory in Europe Day -- the end of World War II in Europe.  It's been 75 years since peace was declared and although Britain has been to war a few times since, we have never since had a global conflict in the same way.


Please watch this video clip:


And read these articles...


Once you have done all that reading, just three short questions:


1.  What was VE Day?

2.  How did people celebrate it?

3.  What problems did the country still face after VE Day?





More marvellous hand art...!





Tuesday 21st June Reception Sports Day, Wednesday 22nd June Yrs 1&2 Sports Day, Thursday 23rd June Yrs 3&4 Sports Day, Friday 24th June Yrs 1&2 Sports Day