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Monday 23rd to Friday 27th May - Art/History Week at Parkfield School

Monday 27.04.20


We are continuing our learning about decimals.  

For this block, we will be using the Whiterose Maths Home Learning resources. There is a short video to take you through the learning activities - the questions can be downloaded here.  Complete the questions in your home learning book, drawing out tables and diagrams OR you may choose to print the sheet and complete it straight on to it.  If you are looking for an extra challenge, complete the GDS task below or if you would like some more practise, take a look at the extra resources in the 'Maths Support'  star.


Week 2 Lesson 1 - LO: Dividing two digits by 10

Topic - Ancient Greek Democracy

We hope you're enjoying the Ancient Greek topic so far. This week the focus is Ancient Greek Democracy.

You will need to read through the PowerPoint and complete the task. If you are unable to print off the sheets, you could draw the template in your work book and write the information in the correct place.

You could also think about Democracy today. Do we still use this system and why?

This topic work should last 2-3 sessions.


Have fun!



For English this week and next week we will be doing something a little different – it’s a two week project (27/4/20 – 8/5/20) based on a story called ‘The King of The Fishes.’ Each day I will put up which part of the activity you should be on or you can choose how and when to complete the work over the next two weeks. I will attach a booklet for you to work through – don’t worry you don’t need to print this booklet, you can copy anything you need to into your workbook.

English Monday


- Read the introduction. (Page 2)

- Complete my three wishes activity. (Page 3)

- Read the story. Unfortunately when I tried to listen to the recording it was not working :o( but I’m sure you will do a great job reading it. You could even read it to a member of your family. (Page 4-5)

- Answer the ‘What did you think?’ questions in your workbook. (Page 6)


Monday 23rd to Friday 27th May - Art/History Week at Parkfield School