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We hope you are having a lovely summer holiday break.

Monday 27.04.20



Please refer to Mavis the Magical Cat - Talk for Writing Project

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Maths - Night Pirates

CBeebies Bedtime Stories Ellie Harrison The Night Pirates

This video belong to BBC we upload for purpose to share out UK with kids around the world to spread English language. We really love BBC Disclaimer: We do no...


BBCiplayerNumberblocks Series 4 Episode 8 Eighteen!

Meet Eighteen, the speedy super-rectangle who was born to ride the rays.

Objective: Learn all about the number 18 with Numberblock Eighteen!


Activity: Practise writing 18. Make 18 in different ways, using a range of objects, e.g. 18 cars, 18 daisies, 18 stones etc.

Take a photo and put on Tapestry or stick in workbook.


EYFS Link: KUW: The World

Learning Objective: We are learning about the Life Cycle of a Bee.

This week we are finding out about the life of Bees.  Please look at the Powerpoint “The Life Cycle of a Bee” and then draw or paint your own life cycle of a bee.



We hope you are having a lovely summer holiday break.