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Monday 25.01.21

Good morning everyone! We are continuing the work we started last week, using the ‘Wonderful Wizards’ booklet for tasks. Today’s task involves using alliteration, which you can see a lot of in the Horrid Henry book series as all the characters have alliterative names (Perfect Peter, Moody Margret, Brainy Brian etc.). You need to come up with an alliterative slogan, perhaps you could come up with one for your very own wizard school. Mr Chislett’s example: See the peaceful pupils at perfect Parkfield!

Your maths challenge for today is to practice multiplying 4 digit numbers by 2 digits. You all did excellently last week with those tricky questions, remember to split the problem into two separate parts and don’t forget your placeholder 0 when multiplying by a multiple of 10.
E.g. 35 X 22 would be split into 35 X 2 and then 35 X 20.