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Monday 23rd March

Good morning, Falcons and Kestrels!  We hope you’re staying safe and away from other people.  And we would, of course, like to wish a fantastic birthday to Savetheturtles11!





If you’re looking for inspiration, Pobble is a great site.  Today’s, “The Journey to School”, is particularly interesting but if you click the left and right arrows in the corner, you can find other pictures.


This is your chance to practise your descriptive writing.  Hopefully we’ll see:

  • Powerful verbs
  • All the senses
  • Detailed, rich description perhaps using metaphor and personification
  • Lovely Y6 punctuation – semi-colons, colons, dashes, hyphens…


On the website, have a go at answering the Question Time questions and then writing a few paragraphs about the children’s journey.


I wonder if these words would be helpful: glacier, clambered, stumbled, dirtied, gleam, chill, condensation, frigid...


There’s an example of a starter on the website.  Here’s another…


Nobody talked much.  The whistle of the wind across the mountains formed a melody with the crunch of aged gumboots on dirty ice.  Slowly, deliberately, we clambered across the yawning ice field glacier.  It was nearly time for school.


Remember, you can always send your work to if you’re able.  TwistyBear sent in some stunning work last week.




This is a good time to revise Ratio!  Watch the video “Using Ratio Language” and answer the questions.


Don’t forget to keep practising Numbots and TTRockstars – big shout out to Horselover19 for practising this weekend!


OPTIONAL:  Gruesomely Galling Problem Solving Challenge of the Week!


From the following six clues, find the values of the letters A to H. Each letter is a different whole number in the range 1-30:


  1. A is one-third of C and one-quarter of G
  2. G is ten lower than H
  3. H is double the value of F, but four lower than B
  4. B is six higher than D
  5. D is double the value of E
  6. the value of E is lower than G.





Check out the three guides on BBC Bitesize concerning the topic of Light:


In your books, please write a sentence or two summarising what you have learned in response to each question:

  • What is light?
  • What is reflection?
  • How does the eye detect light?


NB. On Thursday and Friday, we showed the classes TinkerCAD and they received logins; we will do some Design & Technology worked linked to TinkerCAD later this week.  Please contact the school if you don’t have login details yet and still need them.  You can also, with carers’ permission, download the TinkerCAD app onto an iPad.


Stay safe, stay separate from others and we will see you tomorrow!


Do you have a child starting school in September? Email us at, to arrange a tour of our school.