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Monday 22nd February


We have now finished our work on length and perimeter. Today, we're going to recap what we have learned by completing an end of unit test. Have a go at the paper below to see how confident you feel with length and perimeter.


Question 1 requires you to use a ruler to measure the length of a line. If you are unable to print the sheet, please ask an adult to draw a straight line for you to measure.


Once you have completed and marked the test, please send it to your teacher via the class email!


Good luck!


We are going to be creating some narrative writing using the story of Aladdin.

Click on the link to watch the clip and find more about your task.


In Design and Technology, we would like to you research sun dials.  This task asks you to find out what they are and who invented the first sun dial.  We have provided a short PowerPoint to help you and small task to label the correct parts of the sun dials.  

Happy researching!