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KS2 Summer Concert : Tuesday 19.07.2022 (18:00 -19:00) Queen's College

Monday 22.02.21



In today's lesson, you will be thinking about counting in 2s from 0.  You will be looking at patterns on a number grid and skip counting.  There is no White Rose worksheet but please work through the attached sheets as these are activities for learning to count in 2s.

Lesson 1 - To listen to a story

In this lesson we will explore past tense verbs, learn our spellings for the 've' grapheme and listen to a new story.  We will then create a plot matrix for the tory and really focus on our "problems that matter" toolkit.  Download the prompt sheet to help you.

Topic - Science/Geography

In this lesson, you will learn which months are associated with each season.  You will be thinking about your own birthday to determine the season in which you were born!


KS2 Summer Concert : Tuesday 19.07.2022 (18:00 -19:00) Queen's College