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KS2 Summer Concert : Tuesday 19.07.2022 (18:00 -19:00) Queen's College

Monday 20.04.20


Objective: Revise ‘ear’ sound.

  1. Practise reading and writing sounds: s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f ff l ll ss j v w x y z qu sh ch th ng ai ee igh oa oo ar or ur ow oi
  2. Read and write words containing ‘ear’: ear, dear, fear, hear, gear, near, tear, year, rear, beard. (See Phase 3 Sound Buttons PowerPoint)
  3. Read and write sentences containing ‘ear’: Did the shark feel fear? Can a toad hear? Is the church near the park?



BBCiplayerNumberblocks Series 3 Episode 26 Thirteen

Uh-oh. Unlucky Thirteen falls apart whenever nyone mentions his name.

Objective: Learn all about the number 13 with Numberblock Thirteen!


Activity: Practise writing 13. Make 13 in different ways, using a range of objects, e.g. 13 cars, 13 daisies, 13 stones etc.

Take a photo and put on Tapestry or stick in workbook.


Topic – EAD

Make some instruments using junk modelling materials, rice, pasta, elastic bands etc. Play the  instrument to your favourite song. Record your song on Tapestry. We would love to hear it!



KS2 Summer Concert : Tuesday 19.07.2022 (18:00 -19:00) Queen's College