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Monday 1st February


Today, we're going to learn about tables. Tables are a great way to present our findings and they can help us find out more about the data collected. Watch the White Rose tables video and then complete the worksheet below. This can be done on a print out of the worksheet or on paper.


This week, we are continuing with our Stone Trolls warning tale.

Today, we will be completing 'The Preposition Game' on pages 14 and 15.


Imagine you are by the sea or cliffs.

What can you see? What can you hear?

Write a list.


Now, write these ideas into sentences which start with prepositions or place/ where fronted adverbials.

Don't forget your comma! You can use the mats below to help you.


Remember to extend your sentences using FANBOYS (coordinating) conjunctions.


Last week, we learned all about the life of Joseph and how the Israelites came to live in Egypt. Today, we're going to find out how and why the Israelites escaped from Egypt. We will do this through the story of Moses and the ten plagues.


Read through the PowerPoint below to find out more about your task.


You can complete the quiz either on the sheet or in your blended learning packs.