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Monday 23rd to Friday 27th May - Art/History Week at Parkfield School

Monday 18th January


Today we are going to learn about scaling. This is when we use our multiplication facts to help us work out how many times bigger one number is than another. Watch the White Rose video to learn more about scaling and then complete the questions on the worksheet below.


Using your drawings and labels of your trolls, complete 'The Drop-in Game' on page 13. 

Start with writing a simple sentence then drop-in extra information using a which, who, that sentence. This is very similar to what we have done in school together.


Write at least 3 sentences for each of your trolls and see how much information you can include. You can complete this on the sheet or using your blended learning booklets. Don't forget your commas!



Start your sentences with I SAW A WABUB (subordinating) conjunctions, or extend your sentences using FANBOYS (coordinating) conjunctions.


Last week, we located different English counties and cities, then used maps to locate different landmarks in Taunton.

Today, we will be identifying different human and physical features of our local area.


First, go through the Geography 6 PowerPoint to learn more about human and physical features and give you more information about your task.

There is a map below to help you. You can either print off the map or highlight it on a word document.




Monday 23rd to Friday 27th May - Art/History Week at Parkfield School