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Monday 18.05.2020


Welcome to our new maths block which consolidates previous learning about addition and subtraction.


For this block, we will be using White Rose Maths Home Learning resources which uses a short video to help you through the learning activities.  Please complete the questions in your home learning book, drawing out tables and diagrams or you may choose to print the sheet and write the answers on the sheet.


Lessons can be found using this link and the drop down menu 'Summer Term Week 5 w/c 18th May'.

We are using the alternative worksheets and not completing the work on fractions.

There is a video to watch explaining the tasks together with the worksheets and answers.

Persuasive texts:  Writing a holiday brochure

We are going to write a brochure by the end of this course of lessons.  If we were to take the text and write on both sides, it would look much the same as the brochures advertising Crealy Park.  The WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like) shows how you will display your text at the end of the unit.


Lesson 2 - Grammar Hammer

Underline the verb and circle the proper noun in these sentences.


Daniel ate his apple.

Eleanor ran to school.

They drove to Scotland.

Underline the adjectives in these sentences.


The silver car was very fast.

The sun was bright and hot.

The boat had a blue and white stripy sail.


Task – Reading as a Reader. 

Read through the text and answer these questions in your Home Learning Book.


  1. Find and copy all of the rhetorical questions.
  2. In the Pyramids paragraph, find an example of a word that means ‘old’.
  3. Find the alliteration in Sharm-el-Sheikh.
  4. Read the text and order:

            Egypt is rich with historical, mythological and biblical associations.

Located on the continent of Africa.

It’s great for diving.

There is a wealth of things to see and do.

      5. Why should you visit The Nile?

      6. How do you feel when you read this section of the text?  Explain.

      7. What does the word serene tell you about the Sphinx?

      8. Tick whether these statements are true or false.




These mighty towering monuments are a tribute to the power of Indian’s rulers.



The Temple of Horus was built between 237 and 57 BC.



Egypt is rich with historical, mythological and biblical associations.