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Happy New Year Everyone

Monday 15.06.20

Phonics - Little Red Riding Hood Activities


Read the PowerPoint

Read the oo words and high-frequency words on the final page.

Tricky Witch likes to trick children. She changes the sounds that children know so well and colours these spellings in gold. Here she has changed the long 'oo' (as in food) into a short 'oo' sound (as in book).


Tricky  oo Flashcards

Children make their own flashcards for the words

– cook book look hook took hood good stood  flood foot football



Please refer to Max's Jungle Adventures - Talk for Writing Project


Maths - Princess Mirror Belle

PRINCESS MIRROR-BELE AND THE DRAGON POX | Children's Audiobook | AudioSloth Station

Imagine if your reflection came to life... That's exactly what happens to Ellen when Princess Mirror-Belle climbs out of the bathroom mirror. While Ellen has...


Happy New Year Everyone