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Welcome to back everyone, and a big hello to all the new children who joined us in September.

Monday 11th May

Today's the day -- or would have been!  Yep, this would have been the day of the year 6 tests!  I know, you're sad to miss it...


However, we know how you’d hate you to miss this beloved rite of passage for Year 6 children so this week we have something special for you to enjoy!


These aren’t the tests you would have sat (they’re actually 2019’s) and you don’t need to sit them in test conditions.  We know that finding a quiet space to work isn’t always easy for those of you -- some of you have noisy toddlers in the family... or maybe that's just what it feels like, being trapped with your siblings! 


However, this is your chance to celebrate your strengths and find out which bits aren't strengths YET.  You can do it in test conditions and we'll give you the timings.  But equally you could see how you get on!


By the way, as each of your daily tasks is designed to last around half an hour, these are worth TWO tasks each day (so you’ll have double-English on Monday and Tuesday and double-maths on Wednesday and Thursday!).


Here's the Grammar Test -- it's 45 minutes if you want to use strict timings.


Here's the Spelling Test -- don't bother writing out the sentences, just the answers.  However, remember that capital letters count if they're needed...!! The audio for the missing words is at the bottom.


(If these are Not Tests or Nests, how will we do your Not Residential or Nesidential?!  Stay tuned...)



If you wish to check your answers, look here.  And of course, if you want to take it seriously, we can tell you your scale score.





Continuing our involvement in the Taunton-wide Helping Hands arts project, let's develop some ideas along a particular lines. 

You've done a brilliant job at exploring all the types of hands there are -- now it's time to explore one particular profession or group!


Start by drawing around your hands with a particular colour.  Think who might wear gloves of this colour.  It could be blue surgical gloves, yellow gloves by people washing up in kitchens, or the hands could be green because people have spent so long in the garden they've become "green-fingered"!  Knowing Miss Nettlefold, she's probably crocheting herself some rainbow-coloured gloves that sing the "Harry Potter" theme song...!



Perhaps the work of Daniel Mackie will inspire you -- he made pictures of people out of fruit and flowers.  Could you fill your hands with fruit?  Do you have cherry knuckles and banana thumbs?!


Here's another alternative... this person went crazy and did TWO hands!




Spelling Audio

Feel free to pause and repeat if you need more time!


Welcome to back everyone, and a big hello to all the new children who joined us in September.