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Happy New Year Everyone

Monday 06.07.20



Can you write a magic potion? Read the potion on page 16 – a healing potion for a broken heart. When we write, we start by getting all our ideas out.  We can then pick the best ones.  Follow the writing tips on page 17 and you will soon have lots of wonderful ideas to write your potion. Would you like your potion to heal something such as a broken leg, heart or a help cure a cold? Or you could think about something positive that you would like to be able to do like fly, go invisible or speak to animals. Now have a go at writing and decorating your potion.



Watch the White Rose video for today's lesson then complete the activities, either on the sheet, if you are able to print, or record your answers in your workbook.



Remember to choose an activity from the Topic web.


Happy New Year Everyone