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Monday 01.06.20


We are continuing our maths learning by following the White Rose scheme.  Please watch the video and complete the questions either on the sheet, if you are able to print, or into your workbooks.

If you would more of a challenge then you can also complete the GDS activities too!


Our new unit for the next few weeks is based on the story 'The Arrival -- a graphic novel by Shaun Tan'.

Graphic novels (also called comic books) tell their stories in pictures.  This book does not use captions at all so the reader must make up their own mind abut what the story is about.

We are sure you will love it!

Task: Watch the video up to 2:22 minutes and read through the PowerPoint. You may want to watch the clip a few times as you work through the slides.


Think carefully about the questions on the slides and using the images and the video clip, answer them as fully as you can.