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Monday 01.02.21

English: Pages 3 - 9
Happy Monday Year 5! We hope you are all keeping well and that you had a lovely weekend. We will be moving on from the wonderful world of wizards today to look at a new text called ‘The Game’. This text is more of a narrative (story) than the last two texts we have looked at so will give you more opportunities to be creative.
Today’s task is to read through the text and familiarise yourself with the WAGOLL. Once you have done this, you will need to have a look for some words you may be unfamiliar with and then complete ‘The Sentence Challenge’ that tasks you with using some tricky words in sentences of your own.
Note: You can listen to the texts if you would prefer, click the following link to hear ‘The Game’ being read to you.

Today’s maths task reminds us about fractions, and recaps some of what you may remember from year 4. Can you remember that a fraction is made up of two different parts? You have a denominator (bottom number) and a numerator (top number). The denominator is how many equal part there are and the numerator is how many of the parts you are using/are relevant. Remember all fractions (that are not top heavy, or improper fractions) are between 0 and 1.