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Friday 5th March

Story Explorer Drama Workshops: 


We are thrilled that we have booked story explorer drama workshops for all children to participate in. Every class will enjoy and participate in a workshop via Zoom. Children will have the chance to experience storytelling first-hand. Using techniques drawn from professional theatre, they will gain confidence alongside a new understanding of the characters and themes as they live and breathe the story. 


Please log in using the Robin and Wren Zoom links which has been used for all Zoom meetings and Parents' meetings. Also please 'Pin' the professional so that they are enlarged on the screen and are on 'speaker view'.



Friday 5th March



Robin 9.10am - 9.45am  

Wren 9.50am - 10.25am  


These exciting workshops will explore 'Little Red Riding Hood' with the children:


Literacy - The Three Little Pigs


Objective: To create a story with a familiar lesson learnt


In this lesson we will create a new story which will be based around the story moral of taking advice.

Please click on the link below for your lesson. Then click on the start lesson button. 

Mathematics - Grouping and Sharing


Objective: Exploring sharing quantities into equal groups


In this lesson, we will explore sharing quantities into equal groups.

Please see activity sheet below. You will also need some counters or similar objects.

Please click on the link below to start the lesson

Understanding the World - Healthy Eating


Objective: To learn about different fruits and vegetables


In this lesson, we join Miss Sidenius to learn about different fruits and vegetables, and the difference between fruits and vegetables. We end the lesson with some fun transient art creating fruit and vegetables faces! You could enjoy your art as a tasty snack once the lesson has finished. You will need a plate, fruit and vegetables and an adult.

Please click on the link below to start the lesson.