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Friday 29.01.21

Happy Friday! Today, we leave newspapers behind and have a go at writing our own potion poems. You will need to box up and write the poem today, use the framework if you would like but feel free to be as creative as you like, I know you are all excellent poets from earlier this year. Happy writing!

Note: If you would like to do the wizard science task in this booklet, you are more than welcome to! We will, however, be moving onto a new booklet on Monday.

Today’s maths lesson will look at dividing with remainders. This is when you have a dividend (number in the ‘bus stop’) that does not perfectly divide into groups of your divisor (number on the left of the ‘bus stop’). Those numbers that don’t do this in your ones column become your remainder! Remember to watch the video if you are finding this a little difficult.



And finally, your Friday maths challenge...

Don't forget to complete your homework this weekend if you haven't already! There will be a new set of homework next week.