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Enjoy your Summer Holiday! We look forward to welcoming you all back on the 1st September 2022!

Friday 27.03.20

Well done Year 4, you have made it to the end of the first week at home! We hope you have enjoyed getting to spend some extra time with your families. Fingers crossed you have completed the work set this week without too much difficulty.



For your English task today you have a game to play. You have free choice to write about any topic of your choosing. Pick something you are interested in as this will make it easier, e.g. football, animals, TV show. You need to roll a dice (or use the digit cards 1-6 from your home learning pack if you don’t have a dice) and match you number with the tasks below. Then write a sentence using that type of opener. You need to write at least eight sentences. Don’t forget to double check your spellings and use of punctuation as you go.


LO: Count in fractions

Work through the PowerPoint, answering any questions in your workbook.  

Then complete the questions on the handout - this can be done into your workbook, copying tables and diagrams as needed, or if you are able, you can print the required page to complete and glue/staple/tape to you book.  The first sheet gives the easiest challenge, the second is Expected level and the third Greater Depth. Choose your challenge! Remember you can do more than one of the levels if you wish.  If, after you have marked against the answers, you are finding it tricky, email us and we will send you some extra practise.


It's time to think back to all the science lessons we have completed so far in our Changing States topic. Your task today is to answer the clues to complete the crossword. Some of the clues will give you answers that go across the page and some clues will give you answers that go down the page. After each clues it will tell you how many letters are in the answers. Read the clues very carefully and good luck! 

Topic - Venice

Today's task is is to choose a landmark from Tuesdays research and draw a picture of it.

Feel free to either sketch it or use paints, crayons or felt tips.

If you wish to use any other resources, please feel free.

Have fun!


Enjoy your Summer Holiday! We look forward to welcoming you all back on the 1st September 2022!