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Friday 26.06.20



Time to finish your story. Today we will be writing the problem, resolution (how the problem gets sorted) and the ending sections of the story. The work that you completed last week and your plan will help with this so look back through your work before you begin writing. Once you have finished writing remember to edit your work for sense, spelling and punctuation.



Maze 100 Friday Challenge. You challenge this week is a little bit different and it will require you to work systematically. Think carefully about how to start this activity and what you will do if you don't get the answer first time. 


In this maze there are numbers in each of the cells. You go through adding all the numbers that you pass. You may not go through any cell more than once.

Can you find a way through in which the numbers add to exactly 100? Try making a list of the numbers as you pass them. You could do each route in a different colour.



Remember to choose an activity from the Topic web. This is the same sheet as last week as there are nine activities to complete.