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Friday 26.06.20



We would like to end this week on a very positive note. Throughout your time at home you may have tried new things or brushed up on an old skill you hadn’t used in a while. Take some time to think about what positives being at home has taught us. There are three posters to complete for this session and they focus on all the positives. We can’t wait to hear all about these.



For your maths challenge today you will need to move around your house or even go outside! Your challenge is to find as many different angles as you can. (right, acute and obtuse.) You can record these in a table by writing the object and the angles you found or by taking some pictures and label them if you can. Here are some examples below.


Angles found

E.g. Harry Potter book

Right angles


Acute angle

















Remember to choose an activity from the Topic web. This is the same sheet as last week as there are nine activities to complete.