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Happy New Year Everyone

Friday 24th April 2020

Welcome back everybody!




Pages 12-13 today involves interpreting quotes - this is an important skill.  You can follow the instructions on the page or if you want to hear these instructions out loud, see the bottom of the page.


Also, be sure to practise this week's spellings (below).





Super effort on yesterday's challenging maths puzzles.  There are a few people weren't sure on -- check the video resource centre ( for a quick guide to some of the tricky ones.  Remember to look at the answers as well to compare:


Please drop us an email if there are specific questions you would like us to go through and we can go into these a bit more deeply.


In the meantime, try the Friday challenge.  How far through these challenges can you get?





The second of this week's science revision quizzes is on rocks and soil!


  1. What are the three types of rock called?  (Clue: the names start with i, s and m).
  2. How are each of the three types made?
  3. What does the word "weathered" mean?
  4. Which rock is harder and which is softer: slate or chalk?
  5. Which rock is harder and which is softer: marble or limestone?
  6. What is the difference between permeable and impermeable rocks?
  7. Complete the sentence by filling in the missing letters: Soil is made up of min_ _ a _ s (worn-down rocks), w _ _ er, org _ _ ic matter (e.g. animal excrement and dead animals) and air.
  8. What is a fossil?
  9. Explain how fossils are made using the word "sediment".
  10. Is it true that sometimes soil contains clay or sand?





So much super poetry is coming in -- enjoy this from JC:


The Door


Go and open the door.

Maybe there is a path leading to your dreams.

Maybe there is a key that can unlock your mind.

Maybe there is a box of nightmares waiting to be discovered.


Go and open the door.

Maybe there is a world that is upside down.

Maybe there is a scroll prepared to be told.

Maybe there is a doughnut…… Mmm doughnut.


Beyond the green door –

Trees grow taller every minute.


Beyond the blue door –

Waterfalls heavily plummet to their death.


Beyond the red door –

Anger and frustration swells.



Also, check out these two Pixlr masterpieces from Alien_girl_xox:




...And a beautiful, painted door from Dreamerofspirits:






Thanks for the people who have sent in some super photos of their adventures this week - here are some of them:




And check out a superb poetry video on the video resource centre under "Videos from Our Wonderful Children":




Looking at pictures of cute animals is not only good for you but makes you more productive.  Happy "awwww!"ing:

Audio of the English instructions for today


Happy New Year Everyone