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Friday 22nd January

Phonics - Phase 3 Letters and Sounds


Objective: To learn to read, write and apply the sound 'ng'.


Please click on the link below for your lesson. You will need paper and a pencil or whiteboard and pen.

Now have a look at the games on the Phonics Play website. Information about this is on the previous page - Phonics Play star.

Username name: jan21, P/W: home


  • Please look at Phase 3 games. 
  • Please choose the Phase 3 sound that you have just learnt when loading a game.
  • Also please practise Phase 3 High Frequency Words by playing 'Tricky Trucks'. 
  • As an extension have a go at writing some of the sounds, words and sentences that you have read from the games.


Phonics extension

- We are learning a new phoneme air and how to read and write it.

- Practise GPC ss,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k,ck,e,u,r,h,b,f,f,l,ll,ss,j,v,w,x,y,z,qu,sh,ch,th,ng,ai,ee,igh,oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear 

- Look at an alphabet chart and practise the names of letters.

- Read and write the new phoneme air. Write air in the air and on whiteboards.

- Read and write words: air, hair, pair, hear, fear, year, gair, sair, kair, kear, zeard
- Read and write the captions: 

Do I need to cut his hair?

Put that pair of socks on the chair.

He went back to his lair.

Literacy - Recount


Objective: To explore a recounted piece through song


In this lesson children will learn a song which tells the recount.

Please click on the link below for your lesson. Then click on the start lesson button. 

Mathematics - Numbers within 15


Objective: Counting up to 15 objects and putting them in order (Part 3)


In this lesson, we will continue to practise counting objects to 15 and putting them into order from lowest to greatest.

Please see resources below. You will need counting objects and number cards.

Please click on the link below to start the lesson.

Understanding the World - Float and Sink


Objective: To understand what floating and sinking is


In this set of lessons we learn about things that float and things that sink. In this lesson with Miss Hughes we watch a demonstration and predict what will float and sink. We look at our findings and identify patterns. We use our knowledge to predict what will float or sink in a quiz at the end of the lesson. To extend your knowledge further, test different objects in your home when in the bath or helping to wash up (with your parent or carer’s permission). You will need a teddy for this lesson.

Please click on the link below to start the lesson.