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Happy New Year Everyone

Friday 22.05.2020


Challenge yourself with this week's Friday Challenge! 

Please complete the questions in your home learning book, drawing out tables and diagrams or you may choose to print the sheet and write the answers on the sheet.


Work with your family to do as many as you can!


Lessons can be found using this link using the drop down menu 'Summer Term Week  w/c 18th May'.


Research The Great Sphinx and why it would be a great place to visit.

Include some rhetorical questions and some emotive language to encourage your readers to visit.  Use exaggeration to make it sound like an opportunity that the reader should not miss.  Include some carefully chosen adjectives for effect – stunning, awesome, historical, captivating.  Use alliteration (repeated initial sounds such as big, black bear, gentle giant, pickled peppers.)

Where is The Great Sphinx?  How big is it?  What is it built from?  Why should it not be missed? 

Now write a persuasive paragraph.


Now publish your leaflet by either using a folded piece of paper (ask an adult to help you fold your leaflet) and writing your paragraphs and drawing pictures or use a computer to display your work.  You may use images of your landmark/place of interest and change the fonts (typefaces) to make it even more appealing.  Be as creative as you dare! 😊


Use one of the templates below to help you set out your work.



Happy New Year Everyone